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Bob Sussman

July 2019, Member of the Month

Our Founding President

Bob Sussman is a Support Services Coordinator for Schneider Electric. He is one of the founding members of the WBPA, along with the longest tenured president of the organization. He’s been a resident of Walkersville since 2005.

Question and Answer Session

For our Q&A session, our current members submit questions to ask the member of the month. They are a mix of business, personal and random questions.

WBPA: When did you move to the Walkersville area? What made this area a good choice for you?

Bob Sussman: “In 2005, I purchased a townhouse and moved to Walkersville for a position as an Operations Manager/HR Manager for a local company. That is how I got involved in the beginnings of the WBPA and have been ever since. Although the job ended after 10 years, I have grown to love and enjoy the town of Walkersville so much that I still remain committed to the business growth and prosperity of it.”

WBPA: What is your favorite hobby?

Bob Sussman: “My favorite hobby is horseback riding – specifically “English Hunter” style. I can walk, trot, canter and jump and given the open field even gallop. It is a great thrill for me and equivalent to the thrill one would get riding a modern day roller coaster. ”

WBPA: What’s your favorite quote from a TV show/movie/book?

Bob Sussman: “One of my favorite quotes is from the movie; The Mummy Returns: …. Ardeth Bay says – “There is a fine line between coincidence and fate” In my life I have seen too many times where I have run into someone or something good has happened and realized that I could have changed one thing, time, road traveling or direction and that particular “fate or coincident” would have absolutely changed.”

WBPA: What motivated you to (start, get into) this (business, field)?

Bob Sussman: “Over the years; I have enjoyed the idea of helping a business succeed. I see the success I have for myself when I can pay my bills, have money left over to enjoy the fun things of life and still be able to save for the future. With that thought process, and success of it, I see myself succeeding in the challenge of being able to do it for the company I work for and make it succeed as well. That is a great motivator for me.”

WBPA: How do you motivate yourself? When you wake up in the morning, what keeps you moving forward?

Bob Sussman: “There is a commitment not only to myself but the job I hold. There are bills to pay, to keep a roof over my head, food on my plate, clothes to wear and yet a few extra dollars to enjoy a good life as in concerts, horseback riding and travel.”

Bob Sussman, July 2019 Member of the Month

WBPA: What do you like most about your job?

Bob Sussman: “I have always been know to get jobs done. I am far from being perfect with all however, if I can get it done in 5 minutes or less, and report back to the employee or customer just as quickly that it is complete, its one thing off their mind and one more thing off my “to do list” plate. It gives the employee or customer great confidence in me!”

WBPA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Bob Sussman: “I currently work for Schneider Electric Critical Systems. There are numerous long term benefits and good pay associated with the company that gives me the incentive to stay not only for the next 5 years however to finish my business career there. I enjoy my work and am appreciated and complimented by my efforts. ”

WBPA: What’s your favorite hobby? What could you spend hours doing and love it?

Bob Sussman: “My favorite hobby is horseback riding. Its the excitement and thrill, the “being one with a horse,” that gives me such a awesome feeling. I could easily do it for hours. My body will ache the next day, however well worth it. Horses are beautiful, majestic and graceful animals and I love that feeling of a relaxing ride or jumping with the horse. ”

WBPA: Do you have any family traditions? Which one is your favorite?

Bob Sussman: “One of my favorite family traditions, which my mother did every Friday night and I do in my own home is welcoming in the Sabbath. We are not that religious, or the proper word, not that traditional however, I love saying the three basic prayers when I can. A prayer over wine, symbolizing having liquid to drink, a prayer over bread, symbolizing having food on my plate and most important the prayer over Sabbath candles, thanking God for a roof over my head and for all the good things in my life including my family and awesome friends!!!!”


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