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Firestride Media

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(717) 814-8501
116 Phoenix Court, Walkersville MD 21793
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Firestride Media was originally started in 2009 by me, Alan Rugh, in the city of Los Angeles.

Starting out under the name Rughster, the business has seen 3 name changes along with 4 location changes, bringing it to it’s final form.

Firestride started out as a Flash development agency, slowly moving to offer HTML services in website and ad development.   I handle all the day-to-day business arrangements along with the majority of the design and development.

However, at any point, I employ 2-3 freelance developers or designers to help assist in any intensive projects.

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Alan Rugh

I’m originally from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania and received my art degree from Alfred University in 2003, with a concentration in graphic design.

My previous titles have been Multimedia Designer, Interactive Developer, Art Director and Senior Art Director. I have worked in both the education sector and the entertainment industry during my career. During my stint in the entertainment industry, I received 15 awards for websites and ad campaigns that I designed or developed.

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