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Children's Center of Walkersville

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(301) 898-5143
35 E. Frederick St, PO BOX 508, Walkersville, MD 21793
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Since 1987 Children’s Center of Walkersville has served the needs of thousands of families in the Frederick County, Metro and Tri-State areas. We are a Veteran and family owned small business with a focus on community. We are proud to be licensed and accredited through the Maryland State Department of Education, as well as being a Maryland Excels Level 5 site. Our unique, flexible scheduling allows parents to choose preschool and childcare programs that best meet the needs of their family.

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Jolena Simoneau

Jolena Simoneau joined Children’s Center of Walkersville in 2015. Since then she has become the Finance & Operations Manager, handling the day to day operations of the business. More recently she has had a focus on community work in hopes that every child has a multi-faceted, supported childhood to set them up for success as the future of Frederick County.

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