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The Walkersville Business and Professional Association (WBPA) is an organization based in Walkersville, Maryland and our main function is to promote local businesses and professionals.

We strive to help all our members drive customers to their businesses through networking, advertising, social media and word of mouth. Our members hold the highest regards in business standards and are very welcoming to new members who want to join.

WBPA Holiday Meeting

Some of Our Members

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  • Profile picture of Michael Hillman
    Michael Hillman

    Woodsboro-Walkersville News-Journal

    Community News-Paper
  • Profile picture of Lee Anne Little
    Lee Anne Little

    Lee Anne Little, LMT

    Massage Therapy
  • Profile picture of Cliff Quicksell, MAS+
    Cliff Quicksell, MAS+

    Cliff Quicksell Associates

    Business Consulting, Speaker, and Coach
  • Profile picture of Angela Martin
    Angela Martin

    Shepherd's Staff In-home Care

    Elder Care
  • Profile picture of Robin Bowers
    Robin Bowers

    Frederick County Public Libraries

    Public Library
  • Profile picture of Dorothea Mordan
    Dorothea Mordan

    Chandler Designs, Ltd.

    Digital restoration, archival printing & framing

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