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WBPA Website Version 2

Oooh, Shiny.

The Reboot We Needed.

Written by Alan @ Firestride Media

New features and new perks make this version of the WBPA website something to get excited about.

I’ve been waiting to revise this website for a while now. 

I knew it would be a daunting, time consuming and elaborate task. It’s been in development for the good part of a year now – mainly due to the absurd amount of work I’ve had lately, coupled with kid-stuff and just general exhaustion. Now that it’s finally done, I can finally unleash the new stuff I’ve been so excited to show.

There’s a bunch of shiny new features so lets get to it!

★ Full Area Business Listing

Pulling data from Google Maps, we have a fairly comprehensive list of public businesses within the Walkersville, Woodsboro and Glade Valley area. If the business has a phone number and address, we are able to show it. We even went a step further and highlighted all the WBPA member businesses within that list.

You can view it here: Business Listing Page

★ Member Articles

Our members now have the chance to spread their knowledge from their area of expertise by posting articles on the website. Each article posted can serve as a vehicle for advertising their business with the chance to post links, products or services. All articles will also be shared in our social media networks for maximum exposure and have the chance to be printed in the Woodsboro-Walkersville News-Journal.

Articles can be viewed here: Article Listing

★ #MadeInWalkersville

This area has some talented people living and working in it, we want to showcase them. The “Made in Walkerville” hashtag was created to do that. Snap a photo of something pertaining to a small business that resides in the Walkersville, Woodsboro and Glade Valley area and we’ll post it. We’ll also share it on our social media and give you credit for the photo and the business credit for the creation. It can be anything from food, to items you sell, or a service you provide. It just has to happen within the local community.

Made in Walkersville : #MadeInWalkersville Posts | How to Submit

★ Member of the Month

While the Member of the Month is not necessarily new, we’re keeping the tradition alive with this iteration of the website. Every month a new WBPA member will be selected to answer a list of questions, interview-style. The interview will be posted on the website, on our social media and printed in the Woodsboro-Walkersville News-Journal.

Member of the Month Posts: Member of the Month

★ New FREE Membership Tier

The WBPA is happy to announce a new tier of our ranks, Associate Member. As an associate member you’ll get a verified status on our site along with the ability to add your email to our events mailing list. You’ll also have your name on our members page, along with the chance to add your social media links on the site in our business directory. 

* All paying members will shift to a new Executive Member status. 

Thinking about joining? Here’s how

★ Homepage Announcements

One of the fallbacks from the previous site was the lack of small updates on the homepage, not anymore. We now have a dedicated section to post, update and alert the public with what’s happening in the area. 

Announcements are now on the homepage.

★ Shareable Calendar

We now have a dedicated Google calendar with the ability to add it to your own personal or business calendar. Get all event and meeting updates as soon as they happen, directly in your calendar.  

Add the Calendar: Click here to Add it or View the Calendar Click here to view it

New Articles & Updates

Trunk or Treat 2023

Trunk or Treat 2023

The Trunk-or-Treat event starts immediately in the Walkersville Library parking lot at 6 and runs to around 7:30pm.